Global Classroom by Tec is a teaching-learning strategy in which students interact through technological tools such as Google Sites, Slack, Zoom, and Padlet, making Global Learning possible.

Google Sites

Teachers design a website on Google Sites in a simple way, allowing them to publish the detail of each of the activities to be performed. Once the site is ready, students can access the information through a personalized link for such collaboration.


Slack is an instant messaging tool, it allows you to create private workspaces with group or individual communication channels. It also allows you to share files and implement other services or collaboration tools.


For synchronous communication, teachers and students use Zoom to schedule video conferences, make presentations or share ideas. Zoom sessions can be recorded as evidence or for later reference.


Padlet allows the creation of virtual whiteboards where users can share content in different formats such as video, audio, text, images, presentations and more.