Reunión con los colegas


In order for the international component to receive recognition from the Vice-Rectory for International Affairs as Global Classroom, it must meet the following conditions:


  • Have the authorization of the Office of the Vice-Rectory for International Affairs through the mechanisms established by this.

  • Include joint design of activities by the teachers of each participating institution. Incorporate the activities into a course in both institutions. 

  • Integrate the COIL Methodology (Collaborative Online International Learning). 

  • Integrate at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.

  • Have a minimum length of 4 weeks with at least 12 hours of total work, of which at least 2 hours of synchronous work is recommended. 

  • Have an impact of at least 10% on the final grade of the Tec course of which it is part. 

  • The participation of students from Tecnológico de Monterrey is mandatory.

  • Include work in multicultural teams.